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PT. Nest Advance is an IT solution provider of data centers, IT infrastructure consulting, implementation, and services. Established during year 2002 our company has established our comprehensive suite of IT Infrastructure, electrical and mechanical services, combined with our highly secure and reliable data center solution & services, that allow us to address our customers' critical needs of availability, data manageability, disaster recovery, and consolidation. Whether a customer’s business needs demand a single, focused solution or a comprehensive blend of managed IT services, our experts can architect, implement, support, and secure your mission-critical data and IT infrastructure by optimizing your environment through Virtualization Solutions, Data Protection Solutions, and Disaster Recovery Solutions


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As part of a group of companies with complementary solutions, PT. Nest Advance offers as full set solution for IT Mechanical & Electrical Solutions.

Distributing power in the data center requires vigilant plan and design to eliminate power shortage and imbalance within racks.

The standard data center require proper design and tools to support the entire equipments and devices installed

Environment Monitor & Control, Fire Suppression, Physical Security, Power Management, Data Center Management


The emerging of rich media streaming, cloud computing environment, and other rich content business has drove the increasing of high speed and reliable.

Nest Advance with its partners delivers high quality broadband over fiber optic services for corporation that need to interconnect its offices in different locations.

Our long experience in data center design and build-out has equipped own resources with the knowledge on the proper data center management.


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